Ditch the paper programs, save the trees and the environment and LET’S Meet-in-Here !!!

Introducing a new and easy way for conference attendees to save the trees and the environment.

Meet-In-Here app allows conferences and hosts of large meetings to digitize their programs, reducing the need for printing paper, providing an eco-friendlier approach.

It is also now easier than ever for people to find rooms of presentations.

For more information on how you can get your conference setup for this app,
please contact support at jcubesoftware@gmail.com

app barcodes
app barcodes

Meet-In-Here for Conferences Anywhere.

Meet-in-Here allows attendees to view conference’s sessions, presentations and their respective presenters, and important conference information including general annoucenments. Users can personalize their experience by synching presentations of interest to their personal calendars.